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Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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My family has trusted Caldwell Parrish to take care of our loved ones with no worries or extra anxiety. I can not express enough how much I trust them. Mark, John and the rest of the staff are the most caring, organized, professional, thoughtful not to mention tolerant group of people my family can trust and rely on to handle our loved one after life services. I have trusted them with open casket visitations, roserey services and funerals of my grandparents and my daughter and the cremation of my father. I can not tell you how impressed everyone was with the presentation of my loved ones. They looked so peaceful, like they were just sleeping. Never have I seen such an amazing job. With all the emotions and grief they made sure everything ran perfect and was right there to keep things moving beautifully when people can be unpredictable. After all is done they call me to check in with me to see how we are doing offer grief services to us and send us little cards and reminders they have not forgotten use. They feel like family. I recommend The Boys (as Aunt Nancy calls them) to everyone. There just has not been one thing I have ever been unsatisfied about. Thank you.

Lisa Gabriel

April 26, 2024

These are the most beautiful people! They all go above and beyond for everyone. Not just the planning but every detail is taken care of even for special requests. They care for the family after the service. They have a special memorial service around Christmas to remember our loved ones we have lost throughout the year and given a beautiful tree ornament to remember them. They offer grief counseling to help through the grief. They are completely amazing. I would recommend them to everyone!!

Lorrie Erwin

February 02, 2023

Your staff at the Winterset Chapel recently handled a service for my uncle, Jerry Swanson. We wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with their services. All that we dealt with were friendly, kind, and helpful. We also were impressed with how well kept and clean your facility is. It's obvious that your staff works hard to keep it that way! Thank you from our entire family.

The family of Jerry Swanson

September 24, 2021

Thank you John for your help and arranging time for my tribute to my friend of 63 years Don Franciscus. You and your staff made a sad time into a beautiful farewell! Thanks again for your help! Best Regards, Jim

Jim Kock

June 20, 2021

Caldwell Parrish Funeral Home did an amazing job for our mother. John and his staff were so patient, attentive, and accommodating. We appreciate their understanding, kindness, and patience during the most difficult time.

Ha Dao Brown

June 12, 2021

I wasn't able to physically be there; but with your live streaming, I felt like I was. Thank you.

Shirley Lents

June 30, 2020

Our experience with Caldwell Parrish Funeral Home exceeded all our expectations during the most difficult time in our lives, losing our child. From the time Mark stepped into the door of our house until the very end, we couldn't have imagined a more accommodating, compassionate, thoughtful, caring and kind person to be by our side. Mark and his entire team made sure the process was as seamless as possible for us, while providing needed guidance and support every step of the way. They created the most beautiful service fulfilling our wishes and filling every moment with love for our son. They made us feel like they are a part of our grieving family, not just people doing their jobs. Mark and his team have been in contact with us from the first day we called through the weeks after the service, offering ongoing support and ensuring we have everything we need. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lesya and Chris Saluri

May 10, 2020

Caldwell Parrish made all of the funeral planning as seamless as possible for our family. From the first steps of the planning to the very last they were organized, professional and empathetic every step of the way. We were so very pleased with how they made our dad look like our dad. I know he’s saying thank you from heaven. Thank you for going beyond our expectations.

Annie (Glenn) Mitchell

August 09, 2019

I cannot say enough about the professional and kind way we were treated at Caldwell Parrish. They were very efficient in their actions. They always did what they said they would do in a timely manner. My father would have approved! Even dealing with them on Sunday, they responded to my emails. Mark even put up with my morbid humor - my way to cope. Thank you so much to Mark, Shannon and the gracious assistant that stopped what she was doing to listen to me talk about my dad. Going through a time like this was hard but Caldwell Parrish knew how to gently walk us through every detail. Thank you again.f From the family of Warren Rowe.

Sally Rogers

August 10, 2018

Our experience with Caldwell Parrish was wonderful from beginning to end. My mother had chosen them before her death and their kindness, compassion, dedication and professionalism would’ve made her happy and certainly has honored her in her passing. What a blessing. Thank you John and Mark and your dedicated and capable staff.

The children of Joan Burns

March 30, 2018

I have never met anyone quite like Mark and John Parrish, they were so sympathetic, compasionate & helpfull at the most vunerable time of my life. My Philip passed away 11 months ago after a long battle with Colon Cancer. The 1st time I met Mark, he came to our house, I actually felt sorry for him, because Philip put him through the most intensive interview that I have ever encountered...of course Mark passed with flying colors. Philip gave Mark strict instructions that he wanted no flowers on his casket - he wanted his Bear skin instead. He actually instructed Mark on how exactly he wanted the Bear head placed. Philip told Mark that he would haunt him if it was wrong. Mark and I laugh about it to this day, when I see him. Every family dealing with final arrangements, need to talk to the Parrish Brothers, you will never regret this decision. I highly recommend to all my family & friends!

Jana Castelone

March 06, 2018

“From the first call to the graveside service, Mark and John demonstrated complete compassion for Father Jim Kiernan and for our family. Being a Catholic funeral home allowed for the upmost reverence during the rosary, prayer vigil and funeral. The services were remarkable due to their attention to detail and never once did the family have a concern or a worry. Our family has used this funeral home since the early 1900’s and impeccable service, quality and Catholic tradition continue to be demonstrated without exception.“ Family of Father Jim Kiernan

Peter Kiernan

October 04, 2016

Professional, sympathetic, and attention to detail are words that come to mind when describing the staff at Caldwell & Raddatz. They made it easier to handle the planning and completion of services following the passing of our Father. Planning a funeral is not an activity that one does on a regular basis and is usually done at the most unexpected time when one’s emotions are running high. The staff at Caldwell & Raddatz, Mark and John Parrish, made the process less painful and uncomfortable. The first contact I had with the brothers was when I learned that my father was not expected to live and I was traveling from the East Coast to the Midwest to be with my father. My father was not in his hometown and we needed guidance as to what we would need to do to get his remains back to Des Moines. The funeral home informed us that they had contacts in the Chicago area that would assist in having our father’s remains returned to Des Moines for services. Two days after the passing of our father we returned to Des Moines and met with Mark to plan our father’s memorial service. The funeral home is a beautiful building and does not have a gloomy feeling. As the memorial service was not to be for several weeks and we had to return to our homes across the country it was comforting to know that Caldwell & Raddatz staff would be there to assist in all steps. We provided them the obituary, photos and what our father would want as far as a service. While we were continuing to talk with Mark, his brother, John, prepared the obituary for our approval and contacted the cemetery to schedule the service. We returned to our homes feeling that our father’s service was in excellent hands. During the next several weeks Mark communicated with us via phone and email to inform us of the status of the service plans. The funeral home arranged a service with military honors. The afternoon following the service our family requested that we have a celebration of our father’s life for his friends to come and share. Caldwell & Raddatz stepped in and informed us that they would be at the celebration to assist. We returned to Des Moines and met with John the day prior to the memorial service. We reviewed the order of the service and the celebration. We were provided the death certificates and shown the pamphlet that had been prepared for the services. The pamphlet was beautifully laid out. The memorial service/celebration went smoothly. The family did not have to worry about any of the planning or implementation as Caldwell & Raddatz had it all organized. It was of great comfort not to be distracted with these points during this time. Mark and John made this life transition for our family much easier than it could have been without their professional experience and understanding. We are grateful for their expertise during this difficult time. The Hawley/Wintermeyer Family

Dr. Laverne W.

August 25, 2014

My mom passed away on July 5, 2014. She was 58 years old. She slowly began losing her muscle mobility for the past year and a half. Four months prior to her passing, we found out that she had ALS. Our family was very close and loving. This entire process was a difficult one. When we visited Caldwell Raddatz to make arrangements for her funeral, we were greeted with sympathy & compassion. The process was explained clearly, though our heads were so cloudy. We chose how we wanted the service to go & everything went smoothly according to plan. My dad & I worked closely with Mark, & his communication with us was professional, and all of our questions were answered promptly. Help was there from the beginning to end on this uncomfortable journey. Empathy isn't something you see very often, but it was generously given. We are very happy for the referral from my moms nurse, and will recommend this business in the future. Hildie Lefler

Kelani Piilani T.

August 25, 2014

Mark did an excellent job keeping the family peace while making arrangements for my son. John also did a great job of expediting the required changes on my son’s death certificate so we could get the proper paperwork filed. Overall, the experience was the best it could be under such poor circumstances. Thank you!

Penny Q.

The Parrish brothers were great to work with. They are part of our family now.

Diane M.

I changed my mind on several little things. They never were any problem and happened very quickly.

Lynn S.

The Parrish brothers were wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend their services and I have.

Julie L.

I was very impressed with your professionalism and helpfulness when calling regarding crematory services for my son, Ryan Spray. All was in order in advance and went well. Thank you, again, for your significant part in fulfilling his last wishes.

Lisa F.

Mark provided service that was most consoling to both me and my family. Your professionalism and caring made all the difference. Thank you very much.

Lois B.

I appreciate the kindness shown during a very difficult time. You help simplify a very confusing and traumatic situation. Thank you.

Dolores M.

This was a very difficult time for me and continues to be – but the staff did everything they could to make it easier for me.

Marilyn L.

Caldwell Parrish handled cremation and funeral for our mother and father, and we were extremely pleased with attention to detail and kindness that both John and Mark provided.

Jim and Sandi M.

We were extremely pleased with the services of Mark and John. Their kindness and caring attitudes were most appreciated. Thank you

The Schnoor and Byers Family

Even though all we had was a cremation, you were very kind and helpful. Thank you. P.S. Your pricing was also a godsend for our family, because my brother didn’t have very much money. We told several people about your funeral home. I wish you continued success.

Mary W.

Mark took care of everything for me. He was very supportive and kind to me and my family.

Joan H.

My family and I were wonderfully cared for during this sad, sad time. Blessings always on your caring service to others. Best Regards Mark and John.

Gayle D.

We lost grandma and my mom in less than a month last year.  They helped my family through a very tough time by taking some of the burden planning off our shoulders. Very professional. Genuine. Compassionate.

Sara K.

My mom passed away on July 5, 2014. She was 58 years old.  She slowly began losing her muscle mobility for the past year and a half.  Four months prior to her passing, we found out that she had ALS.  Our family was very close and loving.  This entire process was a difficult one.  When we visited Caldwell Parrish to make arrangements for her funeral, we were greeted with sympathy and compassion.  The process was explained clearly, though our heads were cloudy.  We chose how we wanted the service to go and everything went smoothly according to plan.  My dad and I worked closely with Mark, and his communication with us was professional, and all of our questions were answered promptly.  Help was there from the beginning to end on this uncomfortable journey.  Empathy isn’t something you see very often, but it was generously given.  We are happy for the referral from my mom’s nurse, and will recommend this business in the future.

Hildie L.

The most compassionate, caring young men you will ever encounter in this industry.  They took exceptional care of us when our sister suddenly passed away.  They are so professional yet make you feel like they are taking care of their own family.  I highly recommend them.

Julie F.

Howard’s death was such a shock. I am so grateful that we chose Caldwell Parrish. Mark was phenomenal to work with in all aspects of this difficult process.

Terri S.

I was very pleased with the owners of Caldwell Parrish, they were so pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend Caldwell Parrish.

Ella H.

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